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Default Re: Smoking etiquette again

I appreciate the comments of the smokers who posted here, mostly in the first posts, who care and ask their neighbors if they mind the smoke.

I am a very considerate non-smoker to to those who smoke, and you can read my earlier message to see how I would behave. However, I am concerned by the comments of more recent posters about their attitude about how they intend to smoke on their balconies as they choose, at any time, no matter what. I get the impression that those of you who made those comments would not care if someone were out there and bothered by heavy and continuous smoking or the smell of a cigar, even if they were in the middle of a meal on their balcony. I hope I misinterpreted your comments. Personally, I find cigar smoke repugnant, but I am not likely to argue with you about it, unless I am eating a meal. Do know, though, that if you are inconsiderate (not saying you will be), but if you feel that it is your balcony and you can do what you want and what your neighbor feels is unimportant, then I would appreciate if if you would consider sailing on another cruise line where there are less considerate people sailing. You don't seem to fit the profile of the very considerate people, smokers and non-smokers alike, that I noticed on a recent Veendam sailing.

Most cruiselines do not have a policy regarding balcony smoking, and I wish that they might consider something along the lines of port ok starboard not or vice-versa. I realize though, that some people are adamant about booking a cabin on a particular side (view of the coast, sunrise, sunset, etc.) so that might be difficult.

I wish the cruiselines would build an all-smoking, all-the-time ship so that non-smokers would be able to say "See, you have this all smoking ship you can sail, so leave us alone."
just as many smokers try to get all the non-smokers to sail the Carnival Paradise which is not a legitmate option for people who want to sail Holland America, or Princess, or maybe even Royal Caribbean.

The Carnival Paradise would be paradise to me if it were not a Carnival ship and if it were not a ship with a multi-generational focus and itinerary. Maybe someone ought to consider a Holland America ship (or Princess) that is totally non-smoking... One of the "S-class" ships or newer, definitely NOT the Noordam.

I might even consider taking a Carnival cruise if they would put one of their best and newer ships into the "non-smoking" category. Aside from that, I trust that most smokers are going to be considerate, just as the earlier posters here were.

Would anyone else be interested?
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