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Bob Marks
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Default "Buyer Beware" HAL MS Maasdam & sister ships

Sailed the inside passage to alaska on Ms Maasdam 28 August thru 5 September from Vancouver.

When we checked into our cabin (321, starboard Promenade) the smell of sewage was unbelievable. Going out on deck we originally thought we were moored downwind of the Vancouver Sewage Treatment plant. Alas, the smell was to follow us throughout our trip and often throughout the ship making an otherwise enjoyable trip a disaster.

Beating a path to housekeeping and the front office proved futile. The only thing we could get out of them was the new Laws on sewags disposal required dumping Zenon?? into the system. Engineering was supposed to be working on it but obviously hadn't a clue.
Got the same excuse for our toilets being intermittent (passengers fault).

Wrote the letter to HAL and CRUCON our booking agent and refuse to use either til this is resolved. What bothers me the most are the number of complaints being heard before AND after OUR cruise without seeming regard to passengers feelings.

Far as I know HAL is still sailing with new passengers and the same old problem. Its been my experience after some 30 years in and around Hazardous naterials that if something smells THAT bad it can't be good for you.
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