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Default Re: Smoking etiquette again

My wife and I both smoke and feel we are considerate of non-smokers. We are limited
to where we can smoke so as not to offend the non smoker. Yet the non smokers feel it is our absolute right to pay the taxes they do not pay and be put in situations of their choosing, telling us where when and how we can smoke! I fail to see how someone on a balcony could be offended, it is usually open air as well as windy and the smoke is dispersed very quickly. The balcony is usually closed on the sides so that the smoke does not drift over in waves. We carry room deodorant and spray all of the time...No one asked me if I mind if they drink, or wear terrible perfume! What is this leading to, are the non smokers now going to start up the campaign so that the cruise lines will all become non smoking? If so, we will spend our money some place else and leave all the non smokers to themselves. But, what then will they find to complain about?
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