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Default Re: Smoking etiquette again

I agree with MaryCruiser do not lecture us....You can go to that same hospital and visit
the ward where the alcoholics are as well. As far as I know smoking is still legal. We do not need to have other people tell us how to live our lives. We all make choices and
we are all responsible for our choices. PLEASE do not "one up" us , you are no better or worse. You as well have your faults. I have never in all my 60 years of life seen a perfect person. Not even close. So Please don't patronize us with your "better than tho" attitude. I watched both of my parents die a long and terrible deaths neither due to lung cancer. I can not understand why people feel the need to tell others how to live
their lives, what gives you that right...If we are not in your face then leave us alone. On every single one of my 24 cruises I have seen the folks who do not smoke sit in the areas where smoking is allowed and complain about the smoking. They have the whole other side of the ship to go to but they decide to sit in the smoking section! Why?
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