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Default Re: Travel Agent said HAL is worst Cruise Line ?

That poll speaks well for Holland America considering that both Crystal Cruiseline and Radisson Sevenseas are classified as luxury and priced accordingly. The fact the the "dam" ships are competive pricewise to the other mass market/premium ships and score below only luxury lines means to me that they are a better bargain for the $$$. Just yesterday I was shopping for next year's cruise and HAL offered the best price with my past passenger's discount added.
Conde` Nast Traveler also has an annual ships poll which records what readers think. These are inputs from many people who have actually sailed aboard various lines, not just one or two travel writers. Holland America's ships fare very well. In midsized ships, the flagships Amsterdam and Rotterdam played second fiddle only to the Crystal ships. The Maasdam, Statendam, Volendam, Zaandam, Veendam, and Ryndam were listed among the best midsized ships. I do not think the Zuiderdam or Oosterdam was reviewed becouse of their young age. The Noordam even though it was built in the 1980's still gets high marks from travelers.
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