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Default Re: HAL Changes

The way I have read the news release, it clearly states that there will be an "automatic service charge " posted to bar bills.

What is less clear to me as I find the wording very unclear is:

In addition, other service enhancements include a ......."convenient folio posting of nominal, optional gratuities" well as automatic service charge postings to bar-bills....

What does "convenient folio posting of nominal, optional gratuities" mean as to dining/cabin stewards?

What is nominal?
What is optional?

Does this mean cabin and dining stewards tips will be automatically BILLED? I'm not sure? Does it simply mean that they will be billing for tips and, like other cruiselines, if you object, you can embarrass yourself and go to the office, stand in line and gripe until they remove the billed amount?

Or does it mean, you can choose to have your tips added. You would have to be proactive and tell them that is what you want?
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