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Default Re: Travel Agent said HAL is worst Cruise Line ?

None of the responders have said one thing about the best reason to cruise HAL. Passenger density!! HAL prides itself on not 'crowding' the passengers. This is another reason HAL is known for its high level of service.

I have cruised over 30 times on various cruise lines. My favorites are HAL, Princess, and RCCI.

I will never cruise again on Carnival or NCL. Costa was good, caters to Europeans and is one of the higher density lines.

The best way to explain passenger density is to compare the "standard" number of passengers on a 70,000 ton ship (as an example):

HAL may carry 1,200 passenger, where the other cruise lines may have up to 1,500 passengers.

Remember the less people on board, the fewer crowds, shorter lines, and more personalization from the staff.

HAL ROCKS!!!! I don't want to have anything to do with the TA who 'bad mouthed' HAL.
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