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Jean Swenson
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Dear other Cruisers: Not only does Holland America make people sick - but they have the worst customer service in the industry. Avoid them at all possible cost. We were lied to, beaten up mentally and treated like criminals - for no reason whatsoever.

My television set did not work - so my mother-inlaw called help. They came and tried to fix it but we were behind a mountain - so no fixing it. The next day - they accused me of lewd behavior towards (i was in a robe) the person who came in the room??? It was a total and stupid lie - because I had complained about their lying about our room when they sold it to us - the room was too small for 4 people (lies) and my son had to sleep on the deck (I have pictures.)

This was because they lied and said a curtain divided the room and it did not. This was the worst $15,000 I ever spent in my whole life. I am warning people to stay away from this company. When I went to complain to the Captain - I was toid I would be arrested and they had handled the problem/comlaint about me with my husand. It was so weird it ruined my trip - I felt like a criminal and it was done on purpose to shame me. They were very much like NAZI's. I beg you do not give this company a penny of your money. They are eviul, nasty, cruel and will make you ill. Since this happened they have had many cruises full of sick people - that is there now and future karma - avoid, avoid. I am happy to tell anyone more about my cruise from hell. Sincerely, Jean
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