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Hi all...

I urge you not to be negative towards people who post here just because they say negative things. You are calling her a "troll" and saying her post is a "crock" but I see no reason why a person would say these things unless there was a grain of truth to what she was saying.

Granted - it is easy to feel the emotion behind her words, and it is obvious she is expressing her feelings more than the facts. It is also obviously her side of the story and not Holland America's. But people ARE allowed to post such messages here without being called names or insinuating they are lying.

We strive NOT to censor people here, and we do not pull posts just because they are negative about the cruise industry. By the same token, it isn't right to "censor" by intimidation.

I expect this person has a legitimate gripe about something and some strange things did occur on this trip between her and management. Does it make sense that a woman would come to a public forum and make up a story that she was accused of lewd behavior? No, it doesn't.

I agree with you, that on a vacation one should roll with a few punches and not expect perfection. I have seen people ruin very expensive vacations simply because they spent so much time focusing on what was wrong instead of what was right.

I don't know this person, but I feel sorry for anyone who spends a lot of money and has a bad experience. Let's not make it worse by ridiculing her. Rather, I encourage you all to draw her out to try to ascertain what really happened. The truth should be the goal here.

By the way - I worked aboard HAL ships for 9 months, and the service was usually exemplary, but I have been on subsequent HAL cruises where I did feel the staff was not good with English at all, especially in the dining room. This is typical when cruise lines expand their fleets quickly (and hence is not a problem limited to Holland America). You can't staff every new ship with experienced staff.

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