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"Let me get this straight. It is quite reasonable to come on this board to make outlandish and unbelievable charges against the cruise line that is always voted in the top 5 by most polls. Charges that are so rIdiculous that no rational person could possibly believe them. But we who dispute those charges are out of line.....what a CROCK!"

I did not say you could not dispute what the poster says. I said you should refrain from name-calling.

Personally, I don't believe a person would come here and make "outlandish and unbelievable charges" for no reason. Something happened there. Do I think the message is skewed and the poster is feeling some buyer's remorse? absolutely.

But, we encourage debate and even controversy. Intimidating people who post messages, even hugely negative ones, doesn't help promote debate - it is intimidation.

If you are "pro-Holland America" and there is nothing wrong with that, then I encourage you to countermand what the negative post alleges. But I don't encourage anyone to personally attack the person who wrote the post, it just isn't necessary nor does it do anything to refute the allegations of the post.

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