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Tom morrissey
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I do believe that something bad has happened. We all have been is such situations, when we are so sure of our stance. I know, on my own part, my prejudices victimize me perhaps to lash out.There has been a misunderstanding between this person and the line.When this happens I wait until I have a clear head and a clerarer understanding of just what happened. I verify my stance with friends and strangers, and if they are in accord, I oftentimes shall stand my ground. There have been times,however, when I have had to swallow my pride and my anger and admit that I was mistaken, or at least overreacted, which is most often the case. I have traveled on many ships and have occasionally"gone overboard" over something trival. I think this person is best served to truly re-evaluate the situation- and If she truly feels mistreated ---notify management. I am certain it will be rectified.
Best to all
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