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Default Re: Carnival's reputation

Anything but very broad generalizations would be a dis-service as all ships and lines differ on a cruise by cruise basis. CCL years ago gained a reputation for being a party-boat with lots of drinking and wild partying. CCL has done much to change this and I personally have found CCL to be fine with less drunks that I have seen on some other lines. I haven't really seen anyone acting that far out of line on CCL in my dozen cruises with them. ALL mega-ships seem to have problems with chair-saving around the pool during sea days including Celebrity. I haven't seen any cut-off bluejeans onboard a CCL ship although I have noticed a few on a couple others. Are they areound, most likily but so long as they aren't in the dining room, so what. As for the Earnhardt "33" caps, well, DE's # was 3, not 33 and again, so what. I know many upper level businessmen who wear suits daily that are heavily involved in NASCAR, it isn't a redneck sport anymore. I know because I used to race in the Winston Racing Series and believe me when I say that I spent quite a bit of time with executives on the business end, more so than on the track. I have also cruised on Celebrity and although there were many nice things about them the overall ship experiance was not to 'my' liking as I found the majority of the other passengers a little snooty, (granted it was a long cruise with many older people), and the activities were almost nil and the CD was unseen except on TV and just prior to some of the shows. Boring would be my word for that cruise.
Bottom line......You cannot, nor should you judge any line or even ship by a cruise or two as there are too many variables. Cruisemates gives a great objective overall opinion of each ship in the review area as to who the ship and/or line is geared to but again it is very generalized to be accurate and not all cruises will be like the previous one. You should also never judge the "class" or type of people that choose differant lines. I have seen people from all walks of life on dranatically differant ships and lines. The only thing you can usually say and be accurate is that 'generally the longer the cruise, the older the crowd and more affluant they are. Doesn't mean they are better or more sophisticated, just older with more money.
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