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I'll be taking my first HAL cruise in a couple of weeks (also Zuiderdam). My first cruise was on Celebrity, and if the service on HAL is even half what it was on Celebrity, then you will most definitely feel compelled to tip, despite any "no tipping" policy. And it won't be from any pressure applied by the staff. On Celebrity, our wait staff was awesome, even the maitre'd (that I didn't think we would ever have the occassion to even meet) was wonderful - especially to the kids in our group. We never really saw our cabin attendant, but his presence was obvious to us...if we left the room for even a short time, it was tidied up, and fresh water was constant (we could tell by ice in the carafe, no matter what time of day we were in the cabin). We were so bowled over by the service that tipping was the easiest part of the cruise. I have heard and read good things about service on HAL, so I would expect that you will be duly impressed by the service you receive.

HAL Zuiderdam
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