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Default Re: Dining x4 impact


I agree is some ways with you about the impact of this new idea.

I have seen many questions about many activities that take place onboard the ship ex. Will Showtimes change and how will they be effected and also How will Captain Welcome parties be effected. They are normally held one for the early sitting and one for the Late sitting. Will the ship now hold 4 Captain Welcome parties on the same day or will they separate them on two individual days.

These are some of the issues I have read on this site.

My concern is that they will serve the passengers in their traditional excellent manner that HAL is noted for.

We will be on the Rotterdam 5/27 cruise and know that we have been given the Early-Late (Lower Level) at 6:15PM. We orginally asked for Early sitting at reservation/booking time and were concerned if we were going to receive the 5:45PM or the 6:15PM. The earlier time can be a bit to early for dinner for some people.

Hope HAL does have an idea of how to handle these and other activities in conjunction with the New Dining Hours.


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