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Susan Shipe
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Default Re: Suite Amenities?

My husband and I just returned from a cruise to the Baltic on the Westerdam. We always stay in the deluxe suites BECAUSE OF THE AMENITIES. On the Westerdam there was no captain's table. You get free laundry and dry cleaning. Flowers in your suite and a champagne bottle welcome in your suite upon arrival. The neptune lounge is available for suite passengers only and includes a concierge that handles all questions, shore excursion arrangment and anything else the front desk would handle. You get prioity boarding and front line when using tenders. The Neptune Lounge has its own continental breakfast, luncheon items and late afternoon snacks. The lounge has cappachino, latte in both regular and decaf. You get a coursage for the first formal. Each suite has a dressing room which is really nice. There is a bar in each suite. You attend a captain's reception and a captain's brunch with free booze and wonderful food. Free hot and cold hor deourves are available every day delivered to your room if requested. The dining room menu is delivered to your room each day. The room sizes are fantastic. I could go on, but it is really worth the difference in price. You feel like you are in a 5 star resort.
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