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Default When/how to adjust tip? Does word go out if you tip personal

Hi -
I have a question. I am going on an 8-day cruise on HAL in a few weeks and I got a letter saying that tipping of $10 per day would be added to our on-board account. Well, for my wife, parents and 3-year-old, that will be $400. The letter says that it can be adjusted on the last day. Interestingly it also says that any tips I would personally give to anyone, would have to turned in to be pooled with everyone. So I guess I cannot reward excellent service to any one individual deserving of it.

After reading various posts on this, it seems that if I immediately remove the automatic tip from my shipboard account and then tip personally for excellent service, that the persons I tip must turn in that money. How do those people you tip know that you removed the automatic tip from your account? Is the official word sent out from the main office?

I would like to tip personally, but I would feel uncomfortable if people were saying things behind my back or providing bad service because they thought that I wouldn't be tipping!

Perhaps it is better to wait until the last day and brave the long lines so as not to worry about this? Has anyone adjusted the tip before the last day? I am afraid that I will forget to do this. Is it easy to do? Is there a long line?
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