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Cate M.
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Default Travel Agency Refuses to hand over Tickets

My husband and I are scheduled to cruise on the Volendam on the 24th of January. I called my travel agency today to see when I would get my tickets etc. They e-mailed us a letter in November confirming arrangements and said that was all I needed to board the ship. A call to Holland America confirmed that our travel agency was mailed a complete of tickets, etc. at the beginning of December. Travel agency is out of town and is not willing to budge saying too expensive to mail tickets to everyone. Holland America says I will need tickets, etc. to get on board. Holland America rep did phone on my behalf and talk to travel agency manager. She is not willing to send us anything. Has anyone else had just a piece of paper to board the ship? This is my third cruise with Holland America and so far they have been helpful but trouble is with travel agency. I booked a Disney cruise with them last year and tickets arrived a month ahead.

Cate M.
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