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Cate M.
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Default Re: Travel Agency Refuses to hand over Tickets

With the New Year's holiday this saga will continue on Monday. Holland American rep has promised to call me back then. They are willing to help but it is the TA causing the problems.

The TA told me that baggage tags are not needed as you have to physically check in your luggage at the pier and then tags are issued. I just want to get something in my hands to gloat over until the cruise departs. Would like to know how many formal nights etc. I did book our excursions over the web and fill out the immigration form but just not the same. We used the same agency a year ago for a Disney cruise and we got a wallet full of tickets and information a month ahead. What gets me is that Holland America mailed all the information to the TA at the beginning of December. What do they do with all that stuff. Also told from the Holland America rep that it costs $50. to put a package together.

Cate M.
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