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Default Re: Travel Agency Refuses to hand over Tickets

"The TA told me that baggage tags are not needed as you have to physically check in your luggage at the pier and then tags are issued."

That's a new one to me. Obviously this TA has never sailed on a HAL ship. Tell her/him that you have been informaed by long time Mariners that the bags are taken from you as soon as you arrive at the Pier by the longshoremen, or whatever they are called, and that you NEVER personally check in your luggage. If a tag happens to be missing, they will have extra, but they don't have the time to hand everyone baggage tags and wait for them to be filled out.

This TA is handing you a load of garbage.

As your cruise is a 9 dayer, you could have 2 or possibly 3 formal nights, but that will be up to the Hotel Manager. Usually 7 day has 2 formal and 10 day, 3 formal.

Hope HAL can do something for you.
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