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Cate M.
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Default Re: Travel Agency Refuses to hand over Tickets

Finally got our cruise documents through the mail today.

Everyone should check with their TA's to make sure they are going to be sent or given their documents. The only reason our TA sent us our documents was because a rep from HAL called his company and talked to the manager. HAL had sent a wallet of documents to our TA on December 1, 2004.

The TA made us wait all last weekend and then he phoned on Monday saying he would send out the tickets just because HAL intervened. This agency keeps all the tickets and says the final payment confirmation sent by e-mail was enough to board the ship.

At least now I have my cruise contract, luggage tags, excursion book and I know that there are 2 formal nights on a nine day cruise. The TA never told HAL we were Mariner members so no buttons, etc. but I don't care. I have since told HAL to mark us down as Mariner members as I love the tiles they hand out.

Gotto go and gloat over the documents. Two weeks and three days to wait!

Cate M.
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