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St MArtin is where we found the better prices. If you stop in St. Thomas on Sunday forget it - they don't bargain much and most stores are closed. Find a shop that will give you the same price for cash or credit - they seem to be more repitable and put it on credit card in case you have to defute the charges back home. Look to make sure the thing says say 14K and not just on the clasp - I found in St. Thomas much was only on the clasp which means they put a 14k clasp on a cheap bracelete. Know prices before you go - most prices are about the same as the states before bargaining. There is always bargaining - we even asked for another something for the fact we brought people back with us and they spent $3000 in his store - he said ok and gave us another $30 off. Doesn't hurt to ask. Debbie
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