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Default Maasdam - Transportation Boston to Montreal

I just happened to read a passenger review of the Canada/New England on the Maasdam. We live in the Boston area, so this cruise is very appealing since it ends in Boston (starts in Montreal). Neither of us cares much for airports and all the hastle with flying. Hubby and I thought we'd have to get a one-way flight for our cruise, though, up until yesterday, when I happened to read a passenger review on another web site. The passenger said she and her family took a chartered bus from Black Falcon Pier in Boston to Montreal the day of the sail, which HAL hired for it's Boston passengers. To verify, I called HAL and they confirmed that was indeed the case, and that the cost was only $79 PP. When I booked the cruise, no one at HAL offered this information, nor did I see it on their web site or in the brochure they sent me for their Canada/New England cruises. I'm very glad I stumbled across the information on my own, but can't understand why this isn't prominently advertised by HAL. The fact that we can park our car at Black Falcon Pier, jump on a bus, be in Montreal six hours later, enjoy a week-long cruise, then be brought right back to Boston and our car at the end of the cruise is a great selling point for this cruise, in my opinion. Lots of people don't like to fly these days, and anyone living within a reasonable driving distance of Boston, would be thrilled to learn they can skip the airport on this one!
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