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Default Re: Re: changing after dinner?

We are leaving July 30th on the Zuiderdam for the western caribbean. And I will be wearing my shorts after dinner. I just dont know how anyone could walk around all night in heels. I need to be comfortable to watch the shows and waste my money in the casino. I just hope there are not a lot of snobs on this ship. One gets that feeling from the other message board. Though Ive posted a roll call and the people that have responded all sound very nice and down to earth. Perhaps I should ask them if they are dressing down as well.

and no venice please dont make it harder...'they' make it hard enough. I just read and sometimes I get hot under the collar about what they are saying. one question asked over there was about mens socks on formal night. another asked if women wore stockings on formal night...i piped up and told them that i didnt wear hosiery on formal night because it hid all my tattoos. They never responded to me. It was a joke of course.
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