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Default Re: Re: changing after dinner?


you know what it doesnt even have to be shorts for women really. a nice sun dress with a little light sweater.. who is that killing? ive heard them talking about a ruined dining experience if someone shows up in a sport jacket instead of a dark suit. come on..if you dont like it dont look. if they are clean and of the non-smelling variety whats the big deal? The rules for all the other ships are the same as HAL's..dark suit or tux on formal night, cocktail or evening dress for which I adhere to. But after dinner Im on my own time. Vacation time, precious time. And dont tell me to choose another cruise line if i dont want to abide by the rules (the other board has made that comment countless times) My dollars are as green as the guy in the next room (oops that just happens to be my brother and his wife hahah) and i doubt HAL is gonna kick me off the ship for prancing around in a sundress or nice shorts. geez that felt good to rant a little.. i do thank you..
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