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Default Re: Re: changing after dinner?

I agree ssca that there should be a bathing suit dress code. Thongs and teeny tiny bikini's ruin my cruising experience because Im too old and fat to wear one anymore. And all the hubby beating that goes on behind the scenes for them watching those nakedly thonged hineys roaming the lido deck. Should be a law against it. And Im not gonna be prejudice either that goes for men in speedos and thongs as well. What makes an old fat flabby man or woman for that matter, think they look remotely sexy in a speedo or thong?? This will be my 8th cruise so Ive seen a lot of nearly naked bathers in my time. The 70ish grandmother at Orient beach took the cake however. Dressed in thong bottoms, topless, frolicking in the shallow surf while her speedo clad 75ish husband/boyfriend/photographer, snapped about 1000's pictures of her. I give them credit though, they both had a ton of self confidence but of course exhibitionists usually do. Anyhow... i think we should lobby for a one-piece bathing suit code for men and women on HAL. Im all set with looking at some of those man-boobs too.
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