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Default Re: changing after dinner?

According to the ship's guide, "In order to complement your fellow guests, Holland America asks that you observe the suggested dress code throughout the entire evening". Personally, I like the idea that everyone will be dressed the same so no one will feel uncomfortable, but that is your call. As I never really get the opportunity to dress up, I'm really looking forward to this part of the cruise. BTW, flats are all the rave this season - you don't have even have to wear heels (or stockings, for that matter) to be dressed up anymore. Also, while you should certainly be able to do whatever you want, I wonder why you chose Holland America with its reputation for stricter rules & guidelines - if you really don't like the dresscode, then maybe a different cruiseline would have been a better choice? I think the typical person who chooses Holland America over some of the other cruiselines is looking for a certain kind of cruise experience, which includes the dresscode, high tea, activities, etc. and I can see why someone who wants that type of experience might be offended if someone showed up wearing shorts or a sundress to what is supposed to be a nice, dressy dinner...this is why HAL provides the guidelines in the first place, to make sure everyone is on the same page. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your cruise and I am certainly looking forward to mine at the end of the month!! :-)
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