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Default Re: changing after dinner?

DeeDee: The cruisers that answer questions on the "other" board are mostly frequent HAL cruisers and have experience on the line, rather than virgins or HAL first-timers who are just speculating.

Well Candy, I have been cruising with HAL and only HAL for a lot longer than some of those people on that "other" board, in fact I will be celebrating 25 years of cruising with HAL when I am on the Veendam this November.

Times have changed from the days when we first started cruising with HAL - no such thing as "casual" night, jackets required by gentlemen every night after 5 pm, in public areas (and this was enforced) ladies dressed every night for dinner in dresses - no such thing as wearing dressy pants with a smart top, which I do now on Informal nights and casual nights. I find I am more comfortable with the dress nowadays. But that's just me.

I never change after dinner but if people want to change into more comfortable clothing to either go to the show or to the Casino then that's their perogative and it certainly won't spoil my cruise.
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