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Rita M. Ippoliti
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Default Am I Cutting it Too Close????

I realize this is not an ideal situation ... but ...

I am sailing on HAL's 30-day Hawaii/South Pacific itinerary in January. I am just a working stiff and thus had to "negotiate" vacation time for this voyage. Thus, I'm juggling available days in order to have enough.

My outbound flight is fine ... it will get me direct from Philly to San Diego with five hours to spare (flying out a day early is not an option). However, it's the return flight that is giving me fits. Our ship returns on a Sunday and that, for me, is a work night. I work graveyard shift.

In order to get home at a reasonable hour (about 6:30 p.m.), I need to book a 10:45 a.m. flight from San Diego. Our ship is scheduled to dock at 8:00 a.m. The next flight out is a connecting flight that leaves several hours later and would get me back to Philly late for work.

My question is ... does the ship usually get cleared reasonably quickly as to allow me to make a 10:45 a.m. flight from San Diego Airport? Of course, I would inform the purser's desk of my early flight so as to be among the first off the ship.

What do you think my chances are?

Blue skies ....

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