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James Szwankowski
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For those of you considering a cruise, think twice before booking Carnival or using Cruises Only. I have traveled on Carnival serveral times and used Cruises Only many times only to be trown out with the trash when Carnival offered the Elation to house victims of the huricane.

We had a trip booked for the Sept 25 sail which has now been cancelled. Carnival did nothing more than offer a $100 cruise credit on a future cruise. The problem is Carnival nor Cruises Only has an interest in helping those of us who have had thier vacations cancelled. Carnival has other ships with space available, but rather than allow displaced customers move thier reservation to another ship with a similar itenerary, they require you rebook from scratch, and in our case at triple the fare. When I contacted my travel agent, Cruises Only, the rep also has no interest in helping us find a new trip. His response was find a trip you want and call us back. When I asked for his supervisor he hung up on me. I called back, spoke to a supervisor named Star. She assured me she would follow up on the service of the male rep that had hung up on me, however, no follow up.

We spent nine hours on web sites and phone trying to find another trip, fortunatly I found Quinn Simpkins @ Orbitz. She was simpathetic to the situation and found a great rate on a Princess trip otherwise I would be spending this vacation at home. Thank you Quinn!

If you want service, think about any cruise line but Carnival and think twice before booking with Cruises Only.
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