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From the other side with a true story.My son was scheduled to go to Iraq and was booked in room with his sister and had to cancel at last minute.Two days before cruise to leave on the Spirit orders were delayed and we tried to get back on same cruise.Not only did they rebook they gave them an upgrade to a balcony and to us the same upgrade and placed us side by side.And for the record Cruises Only was the booking agent.Letter was written to the supervisor at Carnival and I got back a personal letter thanking me for my nice letter and that it would go inthe file of the individual who went out of her way to help the week end before xmas when many were home enjoying parties etc.Many times we are quick to complain instead of dealing with the problem in a professional manner.Many times I have seen the same thing happen on the ship when some try to handle a situation without looking at the other side.For the record have been using Cruises Only for yrs and the same agent has been my contact during the entire period and I am sure he would not be with them if he did not handle the numerous situations in a professional manner.
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