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My sister and I are just returning from the Eastern cruise. I have been on many cruise ships over the past 15yrs. On a scale of 1-10 I would personally rate this as a 1 or 2. This is why? The ship is new and nice but compared to others lines there is much to be desired. We listened to latin music 24/7. We did not have a choice of clubs as they were all Latin music. Excursions were of horror, considering that the normal ship provides 15-25 to choose from this cruise we had 3-5 to choose from. Notice on there web site that no excursions are listed ( there is a reson for this). We were told as we neared our 1st port of San Juan that due to the seas we would not be able to port for an additional 3 hours. We sat for 3 hours in the water until 9:30pm. The water was calm during this time frame, most everything was closed when we arrived. When we ported in St. Thomas, we were on the back side of the island docked beside a tanker. All other ships were docked on the front side of St. Thomas. St Croix excursions were also of bad timing. We arrived at 7a.m (when everything opens at 9am) and we left port at 2pm. As we talked with other Americans concerrning the Opera, we all came to the same answer. We would not take another MSC cruise line. Food was also of poor taste and quality. I found many of the waitresses and desk attendents to be rude. The price was cheaper for us and in the end we got what we paid for. In the future I will pay the additional fee and cruise with a line that appreciates Americans being on there ship.
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