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I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad time. I just returned from a week on the Opera and it was nothing like what you described. The service was excellent and very friendly. We received immediate upgrades and really thought our cabin was great. The music ranged from the Latin music on the patio, jazz, ballroom, technopop,classical to opera--depending on which club you went to. I already knew what the excursions were before I booked and I studied up on them so I knew exactly what to expect, given our time frames. For example - we arrived in San Juan on a Monday night when many things were closed according to the local custom. We did however, roam around the Plaza Colón for a couple of hours and were able to browse shops and have a great Puerto Rican dinner. We also stopped by Señor Frogs on the way back to the Opera. We didn't have to be back to the ship until 1 AM but we went back early and found a really nice Flamenco show going on at the pool followed by a beautiful midnight buffet. In St. Thomas we were docked next to the Holland Cruises Zuiderdam in Crown Harbor which was very nice and away from the huge crowds near the St. Thomas Harbor. This is the newer area where there is a lot of new construction going on to enhance Crown Harbor port. It will be beautiful when it is finished. We had lots of time for a good tour of the island as well as shopping. We even had time to go over to St. John but we passed. St. Croix was merely a visit to the beach for me. I got up late that day so it was my own doing that I didn't really have the time to find someone to cart me all over the island sightseeing.

Everyone I spoke to loved the Northern Italian cuisine offered on the Opera and those who are the meat and taters type appreciated those alternative offerings on the menu. There were other passengers who loved the items on the "healthy" menu and vegetarian menu too. I met a lot of people from all over on that ship and all comments were positive on the food (even the breads and pizza - so fresh!)

Although it was unfortunate that you had a bad experience, perhaps your input and that of others has initiated a lot of improvement on the Opera. Art Sbarsky from this CruiseMates website was traveling on the Opera and he appeared to really enjoy it. Check out his bio --I hope he writes a review. Should be interesting considering his background.

This was my 50th birthday gift to myself and 3 girlfriends went with me (2 of us are from the US and the other 2 were from Mexico and S. Africa respectively). We all would travel on the MSC again and again. you.....if I have a bad experience on a cruise or in any other thing I do in my life ---I would avoid it! ---D
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