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Henri, I had trouble finding anything to eat between 9 and 11 . If i didnt care for the meal , i would look for something before bedtime, usually about 11pm. I could find nothing, As my roomate was usually in bed before then, I did"nt want to call for room service. I have only been 0n 2 other cruises with carnival. In my opinion and many of the cruisers, the food was not very appealing. We had some italian rigatonni one night , that was not as good as what you can buy at Costco in the freezer section. There was hardly any choice of desserts, and what they offered was not very good. I sat at a table with 7 people, and most were very disappoined in the food, especially dessert. As for the Dr, I developed a bad stomach ache, went down to the infimery and requested to see the dr. I was only allowed to see the nurse, and without even checking me , She just handed me some suppositires. The next day I requested the Dr to come to my cabin as I was so ill I could barely get out of bed. The dr came and gave me a shot for pain and more suppositaries. We anyway, by her not checking me thoroughly. I developed a ruptured intestine and developed gangrene . I told the dr I had med insurance, and could have been flown home or to a nearby hosp, but she tollally misdiagnosed me as just having a stomach ache. I neary lost my lofe, When I got back home I had emergeny surgery. to save my life. That is why I think i had a very low qualit dr on the Opera, Jan
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