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My mom was on Opera (HI MOM) and if there is any lawsuits about what she said here, they should be filed by her! International law being the quagmire that it is, I don't know how much luck she would have, but I sent a perfectly healthy 62 year old woman, who has enough energy to work full time and live on a house that can only be reached by 20 uneven steps come home from her dream vacation looking like death, being wheeled off the plane in a wheelchair. I immediately took her to a local hospital where she was very promptly diagnosed by a competent dr. It was a simple and quick diagnosis because her doctor listened to her. I was there, I saw it.

Her gripes about the food-I don't know. I am happy not to do the dishes, so I'd probably be thrilled to be served anything. But coming home with advanced peritonitis when she had been seen by a dr. the previous DAY and left untreated is unconscionable. Whether it is a premium cruise or a Kmart cruise, one should be taken care of properly by licensed physicians.

I almost lost my mom. Her doctor said if she hadn't been in such good physical condition then she would not likely have made it to the plane. Thank God that kind people on the KLM and NW airlines took good care to keep her as comfortable as possible till she got back home.
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