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Default Re: The Law

Right on Shelley and thanks Jan.
For those who come across this and wonder why I got a thanks from Jan above when nothing from me was posted.... it was because the editor removed my posts. Posts which pointed out that it was absurd for anyone to intimate that Jan might be subject to a law suit for describing her medical scare.
Speaking of the law, the US Sup Ct issued an opinion last month in a case involving the claim of a disabled person against Norwegian Cruise Line that I predict will have repercussions on the pricing policy of cruise lines that do any business in the US. The court held that the cruise line was subject to the provisions of the American With Disabilites Act inasmuch as the ship was considered to be a public accomodation and therefor prohibited from non-compliance with the ADA concerning the treatment of disabled customers. There are other federal laws that prohibit discimination in pricing by public accomodatons based upon gender, race and , I believe, nationality. Cruise lines porting in the US that offer differing prices based on country of origin might soon find themselves on the wrong end of a law suit. I have long wondered how they could justify different pricing based simply on place of residence.
Hope this doesnt offend.
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