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Default Re: msc opera don't go

Very interesting thread and some quite damning statements, which I find hard to believe. I have sailed MSC, & Cunard & HAL.. I preferred the food on MSC. Costco.. , that isn't Italian food, it's American food dubbed Italian for Americans.
Sorry if yuo got a misdiagnosis.. that can happen anywhere. Your own doctor already knows your history, others don't. Ship's Medics are all fully qualified. There are plenty of other lines where sadly unfortunate instances have occured, and in your local hospital.

Germany has no better medical care than anywhere else in Europe, a statement I find rather odd as it would be quicker to get back to the US from some areas. Travel insurance should be mandatory for all passengers. Ever tried getting medical care in the US as a non-resident with insurance? They leave you lying in agony on a trolley until they get confirmation bills will be paid... stuff the patient, money talks more.

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