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My mom was seen and her obvious problem wasdiagnosed immediately by an ER doctor who had never seen her a hospital she had only been in for the birth of my daughter. She had travel insurance. . Misdiagnosis does happen, but it shouldn't. And there was no IF about the misdiagnosis. She was delivered to me in a wheelchair. Money was never an issue. The inadequate care WAS the issue. The actual costs of the ship dr. only demonstrate vividly that you get what you pay for! The cost was very minimal. However, I know my mom would have gladly paid 100 times that to be spared her close brush with death, not to mention the pain and discomfort she experienced throughout the last 4 days of her cruise. If you are having a heart attack or a stroke would you be expected to tell everyone HOW to care for you or would you expect that the medical types would take charge and do their job??
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