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Default RE: Why should I try NCL

In the past year we have cruised on both the Sky and Celebrity's Galaxy. To be honest, I preferred the Sky. Granted, the food was marginally better on the Galaxy and the cabins were a tad larger, but overall the Sky is a much more beautiful ship (by my standards). The entertainment on the Sky was far superior as well. Overall, the quality of service was about the same. Personally, I'm looking forward to freestyle cruising. I like having the option of dressing up if I want to and I like having tips added to my bill. I always find the business of passing envelopes around to the crew on the last night somewhat demeaning. If a crew member does an exceptional job I can still reward him or her and conversely, I can withdraw a tip from someone who does not perform up to standard. I'm waiting for the rates to come out for Norwegian Sun - apparently, it will be similar to the Sky with improvements in the areas where the Sky is lacking.
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