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Tim Rubacky
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Default RE: Why should I try NCL


I tend to prefer to dine later than usual (830-900 PM) So I imagine that the wait would not be so unbearable. What I like is that you have the option of setting a pre-determined time and table size with the Maitre'D or as I would prefer; just stroll in, tell the maitre'd that I want a table at such and such a time. He hands me a "pager" and off we go to have cocktails and relax until our table is ready. No "watching the clock".

As I have been told by several people who experienced Freestyle, the staff tends *not* to rush you as it sets a more leisurely pace for them and those in the kitchen. It gives the passenger and the servers more flexibility in how THEY want the service paced rather than the kitchen setting the pace.

Tim Rubacky
Consumer Affairs Editorhdawson wrote:
> Tim. Wondering just how long you will be lingering on port day
> evenings with long lists of other pax trying to get in to eat.
> Afraid staff will be tempted to rush you along, especially
> since your DR staff will not "yours", but rather SOME waiter
> and assistant.
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