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Default RE: Free-style cruising

We just returned from the Majesty on Sun. Freestyle is up and running.
There are 2 main dinning rooms and 2 alternative restaurants, Le Bistro
and a pasta restaurant. LeBistro has the same menu all week, the pasta
restaurant changes daily. No reservations are taken for either place.
You must be seated by 10 PM for dinner. Tips are placed on you on -board
charge at 10 pre day per person.

I enjoyed the ship and the staff. Food in the main dinning rooms was not
as good as on other NCL ships I have been on, but it was good. Waiter
service is uneven. The good waiter is still there and if you get one the
meal goes great. If you get a poor waiter the meal can go bad. (This was
to be expected. I have had both bad and great waiters on regular seating
cruises with different lines. No line can have a wait staff were they
are all top notch. There is a bas apple in every bunch. Now we all get
to share them instead of just one table having that waiter. ) The
advantage of freestyle is you are not stuck all week with that bad
waiter. You can ask not to be seated in that person's section again. If
you like a waiter you can ask to be seated in his area. I never saw the
staff object to these requests.
I think that someone who has never cruised will love freestyle. I made use
of the flexibility. We never are the same time twice. We were able to
dine with several different people we met. Only us old hands with miss
having the special relationship that develops with a good waiter or the
friends made a a good table. But to get something you have to give up
something. Freestyle is no better or no worse than set seating. It is
just different

Marc Sigal
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