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Default RE: Why should I try NCL

Friends of mine sailed on Norwegian Majesty's 8/27 cruise and came back raving about freestyle. The key points that they said were:

1) They ate at different times each night depending on when they were hungry not because the clock said it was time to eat and how late they came back to the ship each day.

2) They never had to wait for a table no matter what time they arrived

3) The food arrived fresher, hot when it was supposed to be hot, chilled when supposed to be chilled

4) The wait staff seemed much more relaxed. Gone were the waiters coming back with a tray of 20 plates and the scurrying around to get everyone served at the same time.

5) Some nights they ate with people they met earlier in the day, some days they took pot-luck, some days they requested a table for two. If an actual two-top wasn't available, a four-top was provided and two settings removed.

6) They decided to leave the formal clothes home (even though they do like to dress formally). They liked not having to end their day early to allow enough time to dress formally.

7) They never once felt rushed to finish their meal.

8) They slept late on debarkation day, went to breakfast, returned to their cabin to pick up their carryons, and walked off the ship.

They concluded that they didn't know if they'd ever be able to go back to "traditional" cruising again, it was so relaxing.

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