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Default RE: Free-style cruising

I agree with you. Just got back from the Boston/Bermuda and I loved the freestyling dining. I've cruised before and I don't like being held to a particular hour to dine. It was only the second cruise since Freestyle dining was implemented and all seem to go very smoothly. We dined in the Four Seasons dining room 4 nights (basically those nights we decided to get out of shorts for dinner) the other nights we had the buffet. Both were equally good. We requested the same table each night and got excellent service from our waiter and bus boy and there was never any waiting for a table whether it was at 6:30 or 9:30.

I didn't care, however, for the way NCL imposing a $10/day/pp charge on my account, espcially the way the gratuity was divided. I filled out a form, changed the distribution and amount without any problems.

Overall it was a great cruise.
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