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George, I do not know what you missed over the last 10 months but NCL has already been aquired. There is no more stop gap measures to make NCL profitable. NCL was very profitable in 1999 and will be even more profitable in 2000. In December Carnival tried to purchase NCL for 1.9 billion Dollars including Dept and was rebuffed. Than Came Star Cruises a very profitable Asia Cruise Giant(Picture of Logo enclosed) and Purchased NCL for 2.1 Billion Dollars. Star Cruises is very profitable and is building Several ships for themeselves and with a total combined Market Capitilization of 4 billion Dollars (Including NCL) NCL has already 2 new Ships coming. The stories are already on the Cruisemates Websites and will be anoucing several for the future. So to you George I say NCL will be around for a long time. And for every one else Freestyle Cruising is super exciting. I experienced it on the Norwegian Sky in July on the Norwegian Sky and have to tell you that you have not cruised untill you have cruised freestyle.

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