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Default RE: Free-style cruising

When I asked voyagerfl on Cruise Critic when he/she would be sailing with NCL, there was no reply. This person has posted nothing but negative opinions of NCL on numerous boards _ without having ever sailed with the line. On one board he/she lists all the cruise taken to date and none has been on NCL.

FWIW, most of us veteran NCL cruisers are at least willing to give Free Style a chance. I would respectfully suggest that voyagerfl either experience Free Style and then have a valid opinion, or cease the endless and relentless criticizing of a cruise line he/she doesn't plan on sailing on anyway.

I, for one, look forward to Free Style with eager anticipation. And I know I'm not alone. My TA tells me that she has heard nothing but rave reviews from her clients. She said everybody loves the concept.

Also, the fact that Princess is going to be trying it on some of its vessels next year would indicate that this is a trend that could catch on.

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