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Hey George in NY, you have done your homework. I want you to know however it may be a little incomplete. Firstly After years of No Profits, 14 million is a great improvement. Especially when 25 millions was charged off from 2 non reoccuring inncedents. This year NCL will make over 78 Million Dollars. And double next year. And the stock was trading at a range of $10 - 12 dollars before the bidding war for NCL took the stock up to $20. Carnival did not give up and let Star Take NCL they lost in the bidding process, tried to team up by buying 40% of the deal and in March backed out when they could not get any more control of NCL. The reason why there is very little trades in NCL's Stock (NRW), is that there is very little stock available (4.6%) since Star owns 95.4%. And since Star Cruises owns 70% of the Asian Market there is no reason for NCL Ships to go over there. And If that Happens it will be to replace old tonnage with new tonnage. Star is in an over capacity situation in Asia and that is why the Bought NCL in the First Place so that they could tap into the more lucrative cruise Areas North American and Europe. Star's Managment is building more ships for NCL than they are for themselves. Lastly the only thing you will see over the next several years is NCL chipping in to the Big boys revenue streams by the synergies of the Entire Company's buying power and bottom line improvement. It has been a great debate but I believe you will see NCL around for another 32 Years. It has been 32 years since NCL star Caribbean Cruising and you will continue to see NCL Prosper. Ask any travel agent right now and they will tell you that NCL is not in the Same Situation that Premier was in 2 or 3 years ago, or even six months ago.

Thanks Yours Truly

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