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Default RE: Stretching the ships

I sailed on the Norwegian Dream a few months after she was stretched (Jan.'99) The ship is great! My cabin, about mid-ship was one of the new cabins in the stretched section. There was plenty of space on board, the food was good and the service and the shore excursions were great. The Four Seasons Dining Room was mid-ship and it has the glass-walled bulge on either sides of the room. The room is terraced so just about every seat could see the sea. There are two other dining rooms in the stern, overlooking the second outdoor pool. The view from there is supurb.
I loved the layout of the ship. There is a small sports deck above the Bridge but the highest overall deck was the 12th deck. This open deck wrapped around the ship, at least both sides of the ship and in the stern it became a sitting veranda outside the glass enclosed Sports Bar. There were 12 TV sets runningin the bar with sporting events from ESPN. This bar was open all night for coffee, and as the breakfast hours approached, more and more food was presented in the small cafeteria line just off the bar. At 5AM, when I arose, coffee was available, at 6AM pasteries and cereal became available, at 7AM hot breakfast foods were brought out. Having a hot cup of coffee on the veranda, early in the still dark morning, was terriffic. By 7AM we were approaching the island we were to visit and the sun began to slowly illuminate the sky. This was a great experience on a great ship.I could tell you more, but I need to put it in a ships review or I'll take up too much space in this thread.The Dream is a Dream!
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