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After reading a few more messages about the Norway, heres a few thoughts. I love Oceanliners & prefer the Rotterdam & France to the new mega ships from Carnival.

The Norway was built as an OCEANLINER not a cruise ship. The ship is quite extroadinary & beautiful in its lines(original) & the original interior is special(the first class dining room). But NCL has not kept her upto what she could be & is still selling her as a first class ship. I recently went on the QEll & she is still going strong even w/ abit of wear & tear.

Yes it is quite costly to maintain an older ship but NCL hasn't done much upkeep in many years & it shows(other than cosmetics). All those millions of dollars spent on refurbishment is for carpets, curtains etc. More should of been spent on the engines & plumbing upgrades. NCL just used the ship as a cash cow. Too bad, because they could of gotten a better return on their investment with a more comprehensive spend on the capital invested.

As far as staff - NCL is one of the lowest of crew to passenger ratios - even with the additional staff put on their ships due to the Freestyle cruising they have implemented there still isn't enough crew to maintain & service both the ship & its passengers(especially on a large older ship like the Norway).

Is there someone out there that can save the Norway(how about NCL donating the ship to the World Ship Soiety & cruise lines support its maintenance such as the Queen Mary in California. NYC would be a great home for the Norway) NCL should honor the Norways history & beauty. Perhaps there is a dignified way for this to be handled.
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