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Default RE: Goodbye SS Norway

I've been reading all the comments about the Norway and I, for one, am sorry to see her go and especially on a down note rather than a real upbeat one. She is the only ship I have repeated on and if I didn't think I be disappointed in her condition or on a "gloom & doom" cruise, I'd be tempted to sail her one more time for old times sake! There is nothing like being on the Norway on a transatlantic cruise! I did that twice; England to Miami and Miami/N.York/France/England and I never will forget the reception when that ship came back to France! When we sailed away that night for England, the fireworks were spectacular. What an event and wonderful memories from that ship and oh, if she could talk, just think of the stories she could tell. Where else could you have a room and look into the pool? Of course, when they drained it half way at night, the water sloshing took a little getting used to but what fun! I took everyone at my dinner table to see my room with 2 doors and a window to the pool, they thought it was great!!! An ice breaker and conversation piece it was! The public rooms with high ceilings, the indoor
full walk around promenade as well as a full outdoor walk around promenade something some new ships are lacking and shouldn't be. The ship is great no matter what the owners have done, or I should say not done, to keep her in better shape. The Norway is a classic and will remain so - always. Just for the record I was on the Norway in 83, 84, 85 and 96. I did not like the added rooms and super structure; I preferred the old profile but I will always be a loyal Norway fan, no
matter what I read or how bad they say it is. Sue
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