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Greetings to you all...I am one of the people who loves the Norway...took my first cruise on her Aug. 5 and had a great time. A group of 16 of my professional colleagues and I all enjoyed her very much, and I still cannot believe how much I love a ship!!!! We had great service, great food, and a wonderful time overall. If any one has questions about cruising on the Norway I would be happy to share my experience. I have kept in touch with some of the crew members that I met and know that there are big changes on the ship each week.

I am seeking pictures of the galley on the Norway....I went on the tour but did not have my camera or videocam with me so missed out. We need some for our album!! If anyone can help we would be so grateful. I also would like to know about that article that was recently in some magazine...was it any good?

Again, I had a wonderful time...yes a tender was broken and yes she is an old ship...I spent the time waiting for the elevators getting to know my fellow cruisers, a genial and fun bunch to be with. We had a terrific waiter, Pablo in the Windward, who I am afraid may have left the ship now during all the changes. My steward was excellent, on the Norway deck, and our room, although small, accommodated two women and all their stuff quite well. I would go back just for the spa alone...and the comfortable beds!!! I only had one negative experience with a crew member, Inge, and she was quite nice later to make up for her curt treatment. I wish like anything that I could go back on her before she sails away.....

What a great vacation!!!
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