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BobL & Bob, Well like I said, I just couldn't resist. I know I sound like a pompous A-- but actually I am far from it. There was no silver spoon in this boy's mouth. My normal attire most days of the year, jeans and a sweatshirt. Although I admit to a comfortable lifestyle as I progress in years I have been fortunate enough to have had various standards of living during my lifetime. I have had the pleasure of dining with the Captain and enjoying the Royal Suite < > and I also sail standard outside least expensive rate I can get.
< >
I don't live in NY City, ( NY is a huge farm state - dairy and apples BTW ) . I often enjoy doing a keg at my bars picnic or getting sloppy at the annual firehouse barbecue. Grew up in a basement 5 people to 2 rooms. Worked as a Jail Officer for 20 years many of which were spent in cellblocks and rec yards. I admit that when I retired I was in a suit as Warden. My lovely little blonde well dressed and coiffed bride spends her days as a Captain in a Men's Penitentiary. So now that we can hopefully get the image you had of me, as some, not a clue guy with bucks out of your head I will try to convey where I am coming from.

I am admittedly unhappy at seeing the nature of cruising change to accomodate the need of some to reduce any experience to simply another day at Mickey Dee's. Cruising historically incorporated formal evenings, gracious conduct, and the like. I certainly didn't go on cruise vacations to act and feel like a Jail Guard. I went to see and feel how the other half lived, to experience yet one more facet of life. Since there are many places to enjoy many styles I fail to able to understand why anyone would select a cruise vacation and then try to turn it into a firehouse picnic. As you mentioned, yourself and the majority of people dressed up, this is what is expected on a normal cruise. Why then must some decide that they should attempt to change the perception by dressing down to shorts, doing the immediate change after dinner, or deciding they must act like they are astonished that some might wish to maintain the magic of living like royalty for the losey week.

I especially get ticked off at NCL because it was our first cruiseline and I remember when it was a great line. Now that cruiselines are adapting to the masses as you mention. Mickey Dee's onboard has already been discussed and is probably not far off. Yes I am unhappy anytime some slob walks past me in a pair of shorts when everyone else is formal attire. Yes I am unhappy that some wish to part take in a cruise yet act like they are hanging at the local trailer park. Yes I expect my fellow passengers to adhere to the estabished norms of this type of vacation. Just as I would not head out to the firehouse barbecue dressed in a tux I would not expect to see people in shorts running around the ship in the evening dressed in shorts and scratching their butts. If this makes me a bad guy so be it. Yes I enjoy being catered too and waited on properly by staff when I cruise. That is their choosen profession and most are very happy in it. I in turn express my compliments to them and their service with a proper gratuity. They are happy, I am happy. I also respect that they are well trained in most part in their profession and offer them the respect of at least referring to them by their proper title such as Cabin Steward or Stewardess, not some demeaning slang like " porter girl . "

So you may disagree with my opinion, fine with me, but as far as playing the upper East Side, Hotsy Totsy, not a clue rich guy, game on me, don't even go there. I'll match my life experience against yours anyday. Even though I don't live in the big city, it doesn't mean I have to act like a hick when I visit it. Even though you may not be one of the rich and famous doesn't mean you have to act like Bubba when you take a cruise.

George in NY - which is a big place, the City is a small place

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